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Rooftop Air Conditioners

The Forte series of next-generation rooftop air conditioners offer a package-type structure combining various air conditioning features. Rooftop units are capable of meeting both heating and cooling as well as ventilation needs. They are suitable for use in many places such as shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, large offices, public buildings, and hotels.
Our Forte Series devices have Class A energy efficiency and boast unique and patented designs. The Eurovent R&D team emphasizes highly robust casing and chassis components that maintain seasonal efficiency values at the highest levels.

Standard Features

• Control elements, compressors, heating elements, and condenser units are isolated in a single piece.
• The units are placed in an open area exposed to the external environment, and they operate only by making electrical, duct, and LPG/Natural Gas/Hot Water/Steam connections. No separate copper pipe or chimney connection is made.
• The cabinets of the units are entirely made of st37 galvanized sheet metal.
• All Scroll compressors are arranged and isolated within the cabinet for acoustic purposes.
• The use of backward-curved radial fans for fans and aspirator units that can generate high static pressure, along with the use of the belt/pulley mechanism, to achieve the desired fan flow/pressure values.

Additional Standard Features:

• Thermostatic expansion valve-controlled cooling circuits.
• Manual reset high-pressure switch.
• Automatic reset low-pressure switch.
• The top of the unit is inclined for drainage.
• Single power connection.
• Stainless steel hinged doors with cast handles.
• All doors are double-walled.
• Special fan arrangement that can be entirely removed outside the unit without manipulating the cable connections.
• V-belt-pulley-driven fans.
• Direct-coupled drive condenser fans.
• St37 galvanized steel cabinet.
• Test reports, electrical diagrams, assembly and commissioning procedures are inside the control panel door.

Optional Features:

• Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump
• Heating with Natural Gas (various heating capacities option)
• Heating with Hot Water (various heating capacities option)
• Heating with Steam (various heating capacities option)
• Electric heating (various heating capacities option)
• Stainless steel heating exchanger (for LPG and Natural Gas)
• Various Economizer options
• Heat Recovery Wheel options
• Additional exhaust fan for high-pressure loss suction ducts
• VAV unit, frequency converter options
• Fire and smoke detector options
• Various filter options
• Phase protection
• Selection of different parts included in the cooling unit
• Various microprocessor options (Building automation-compatible DDC units and others)
• Various options related to the cabinet (color, safety equipment)
• Options for different corrosion resistance for evaporator and condenser coils.

Compliance with Standards and Durability:

• All Rooftop Air Conditioner Units are manufactured according to UL Standard UL1995 and ANSI Standards.
• The paint of the units has durability to pass at least 2000 hours of salt spray test according to ASTM B 117-95 test procedure without any corrosion.
• The units are manufactured and tested in accordance with ARI Standard 210/240-89 or ARI Standard 360-85 depending on the capacity.

FORTE Series

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rooftop unit

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3Ton - 88Ton

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