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MEDI FLOW Packaged Hygienic Air Handling Units are designed to meet the specific requirements of modern operating rooms, pharmacies, agriculture, food, and aerospace industries' cleanroom environments. They take up very little space due to their compact structure compared to standard hygienic air handling units when creating sterile environments. Being packaged, all components are integrated into a single unit. They are manufactured with air flow rates in the range of 2,500m³/h - 10,000m³/h as standard.

General Features of Packaged Hygienic Air Handling Units

Highly efficient filtration of intake and supply air.

Maximum functional control: control of room temperature and relative humidity throughout the year.

Supply of fresh air required for surgical procedures.

Quiet and vibration-free operation required for operating rooms.

An independent system under the direct control of authorized healthcare personnel.

Pressure control in aseptic and septic surgeries.

Continuous control of room temperature and humidity.

Quiet and vibration-free operation.

Ability to replace old installations in existing spaces and, generally, take up less space due to their compact dimensions. They can be easily placed in any type of healthcare facility regardless of the existing air ducts and water installations.

One or two direct-driven high static pressure plug fans capable of providing the required air flow even in case of filter contamination in the fan cell.

Inverter-driven fans; St316 stainless steel fans, superior to standard epoxy-painted fans in terms of hygiene and strength. Inverter equipment is used in supply and exhaust fans to achieve continuous speed control.


Air Filters; F5 class filters at the fresh air intake and F9 class filters on the supply side.

Dx coil.

Steam humidifiers; Standard steam cylinder, immersion electrodes, stainless steel steam distributor, and microprocessor control.

Compressor; 1 or 2 Scroll compressors depending on the device capacity.

Electrical Panel; Main switch and all components required for the smooth operation of the device.

Microprocessor; AC microprocessor control in all operational and safety functions, control of temperature and relative humidity as integral (I) or proportional-integral (PI).

The pCO2 microprocessor allows the placement of a remote control terminal inside the cleanroom for device control and adjustment.

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Packaged Hygienic Air Handling Units

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Packaged Hygienic Air Handling Units

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