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Heat Recovery Unit

The EGK Series heat recovery unit exhausts the air that has been contaminated inside the space to the outside while transferring a part of its heat to the fresh air coming from the outside through a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. During this process, conditioned high-quality air is introduced inside without mixing fresh air and exhaust air, and a portion of the heat is recovered, which is known as heat recovery.

To explain this with an example, during the summer months when the conditioned space is being cooled and exhausted, a portion of the cooling is recovered, ensuring energy efficiency. Similarly, during the winter months, when the conditioned space is being heated and air is exhausted, the heated air transfers its heat to the fresh air, reducing energy costs.

The ability to transfer the heat from exhaust air to fresh air is called heat recovery efficiency. The efficiencies of EGK Series devices can reach up to 95%.

Applications of Heat Recovery Devices

By using them wherever fresh air is needed, energy is saved. Commonly used places include shopping malls, stores, banks, hospitals, industrial warehouses, pools, large offices, theaters, and cinemas.

General Features and Difference of EGK Series Heat Recovery Device

In general, the EGK series units are made of hot-dip galvanized steel body parts, which are highly resistant to corrosion. Radial fans, direct-drive plug fans, or highly efficient silent EC fans are used inside according to demand. These fans have 3 speeds, allowing for use at low, medium, and high speeds.

Insulation with rubber-based materials is applied inside the unit to provide heat and sound insulation. G4 filters made of fiber are used to filter the air.

Cross-flow technology achieves up to 95% efficiency with various fin pitches, including aluminum, plastic, polycarbonate, and plastic plate heat exchangers.

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